Directions to Harbinger


FROM THE SOUTH:  Take 93N and take the first Littleton exit. Turn right at the end of the ramp. You will come to a stop light at the top of a steep little hill -- turn right onto RT. 116 (The Littleton Police Station and Opera House are on your right). Drive approx. 20 minutes on RT. 116 until you see a sign for "Forest Lake State Park" or "Forest Lake Road" on your left. Turn left onto Forest Lake Road. A couple of miles down the road you will come to a fork where a dirt road called Faraway Drive goes straight and the paved Forest Lake Road curves down the hill to the left. You want to take the right fork onto Faraway Drive up the mountain. You will travel around a very sharp 90 degree righthand curve (go slow around this curve).   A few feet after the curve you will see a row of mailboxes on your left and a dirt road on your left that runs up behind the mailboxes. Turn left to go up the road at the mailboxes. You will immediately see the first driveway leading into the Sanctuary & Dining Hall facilities on your left. A little further up the hill you will come to a second driveway on your left with a large sign announcing that you are at Harbinger Bible Conference. Turn left into the driveway. The first building on your left is referred to as the "Grey Building" where we house some of our guests. At the far end of the driveway you will see a large house just over a little creek.

GPS Users - Although our address is 378 Mountain Rd, Dalton, NH 03598 is our correct address, it may not bring you to Harbinger.  Instead, try 412 Mountain Rd which is the address of the tabernacle and dining hall. 

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